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About Us

Scale Staffel – FAC Squadron 41 - was founded in the mid-1970’s by enthusiastic free-flight rubber scale model builders. The founding members include Walt Mooney, Clarence Mather, Bob Peck and John Hutchison. Eventually, the enthusiasm grew to include all aspects of free-flight scale models.


Several members of Scale Staffel have travelled to the FAC Nationals in New York and successfully returned with “significant” hardware. WESTFAC was started by Roger Willis in 2005. The first WESTFAC contest was held in 2007 at Taibi Field in Perris, CA and had over 25 sponsors. Since then, the western state squadrons have held competitions on alternate years from the FAC Nationals. The WESTFAC II was held in Gainesville, TX and WESTFAC III in June 2011 in Denver, CO. The 2013 WESTFAC IV returned to Perris, CA with Scale Staffel hosting the event. The WESTFAC events are now held at Rovey Field in Buckeye, AZ.


​Scale Staffel proudly mentor young flyers. Many of our youth, middle and high school, have competed in the Science Olympiad, both state and national competitions. One of our young flyers not only won the state and national championships, but she went on to become an aeronautical engineer at an internationally known air and space corporation.  For the youth experiencing indoor flying for the first time, we bring simple planes for novice flyers to try out and take home.


President: John Hutchison
Vice President / Newsletter Editor: William Scott
Treasurer: Kathleen McLaughlin


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Flying Sites

Outdoor Site  (Hours 8 AM to Noon)

All outdoor contests will be held at SCAMPS / Taibi Field at Perris, CA.

Outdoor Site at Perris (Hours 8 AM to Noon)
Indoor Site at Grossmont College (Hours 7:30 AM to 11:30 AM
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