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Outdoor Photo Gallery

Photos from outdoor flying, and maybe some cool "show & tell."

Photos from Scale Staffel Two-Day Event May 14-15, 2022 at Perris, CA

WWI Mass launch by Bill E.jpg

WWI Mass Launch

Flight Line by Bill E.jpg

Flight Line

Planes ready to fly

Brown plane by BIll E.jpg
Hodes test flying by BIll E.jpg

Bob Hodes

ready to fly

Handing out awards

Bill Ervin Award by William.jpg

PT Design sales booth

PT sales booth.jpg

Photos from 2021 WESTFAC in Buckeye, AZ   Oct 21-24, 2021

Judging 2.jpg

Judging Tables

Judging 1.jpg
Jester 2.jpg
Bartick launch 2.jpg
Hodes' pusher.jpg
Arnold and Hodes.jpg
John launch 3.jpg

John Hutchison launching

Don Bartick launching

Tom Arnold and

Bob Hodes

Mike Jester

Bob Hodes' 1911 Voisin Canard

WWII Mass launch 2.jpg

WW II Mass Launch

Photos from Scale Staffel Two-Day Event  Sept 4-5, 2021, Perris, CA

WWI Mass a.JPG

WWI Mass Launch

Greve Thompson a.JPG

Greves / Thompson

WWI Mass b.JPG

WW I Mass Launch, Round 2

Lofthouse Launching ROG.JPG

Dave Lotfhouse ROG

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